Remember When…..Hot Dogs Cost $0.25 at Dudy Noble?


The other day I saw the above graphic advertising hot dogs for $2 at midweek games. I remember a time not so long ago when a good ole weenie on a bun was 1/8 that cost on a Tuesday night affair at Dudy Noble Field.

I’m not that old, either. Just 10 years ago I was in college and participating in hot dog eating challenges with myself.

I had a buddy of mine who would go all out – 12 hot dogs. That’s $3 to fill you up after perhaps not eating all day….because you were saving yourself for $0.25 hot dog night.

Me? I’d bring $3 to the park and get a $2.50 coke and two hot dogs. 12 was a bit much for me – they weren’t exactly Bryan quality, but rather the kind of “meat” you get in a public school lunch.

Now hot dogs are $2, and that’s the discount. Still, I’ll always remember my Tuesday night dinner in the days of yore that only cost me a few quarters.