Egg Bowl Article Comments and a Few Rebuttals – Mailbag Time


Yesterday morning I published an article on “Never Congratulating Ole Miss on Winning the Egg Bowl” and as you can imagine that read got mixed reviews.  Some loved it and some hated it and people chimed in from Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama and other schools.  You can read that article by clicking right here.

With any article or piece that is perceived as controversial or seriously opinionated, you get tons of different opinions and comments to go with it.

Today we pulled some of your very own comments and opinions and I decided to respond to them.  You took the time to write to me, so the least I can do is to respond back to you.

So thanks again for the comments and opinions.  Keep them coming and as always – they are welcome.  Let’s get right to it.

Doug Davis – Whatever. Written by a 27 year old who prob still lives w Mom.

Dear Doug –Is it safe for me to assume you’re looking for a change in your career path and want to become a psychic?  I’m actually 38, but did live with my mom for almost two months this year waiting on a house in closing.  You need a little more work to become a psychic.

Glenn Hamby – This man is disgusting and a real looser. My guess is he’s NOT a Christian and I hope not ALL State fans feel this way. The only time I want to State loose is on Egg Bowl day.

I don’t want to see Mississippi State University fail in anything, but when they play Ole Miss. Shame on this looser who only promotes hate.

Bet his friends, pastor if he even goes to church, and family really like his attitude. Makes you wonder how he raises his kids. Poor things! Can you imagine if one of his kids decided to go to Ole Miss? I think this evil human being would disowned them.

Hey Glenn thanks for stopping by!!  I probably would disown my child if they went to Ole Miss – you are spot on there.  Are you kin to Joel Osteen?

Richard Murff  – Right now State’s program is riddled with thugs. Sorry, but it just feels great for the Rebs to put them in their place.

Now Richard, that’s not nice.  You should go have a sit down with Glenn Hamby.

Glenn Hamby  – How can you say that? This KAKE Wimberley should be ashamed of himself and anyone who agrees with all he said. He’s a hate monger. But guess that’s why you guys have Dan Mullet. Hate will get you nowhere but where the heat is hot!

Glenn, thanks for coming back – I think.  Its Jake by the way and it’s LY not LEY on Wimberly and Mullen is with an “N”. Glenn I’m starting to think you’re a Rhode Scholar.  Heat is hot, you are correct.

Greg Weeks  – I’m a state fan and grad. This is horrible advise. Eat crow and congratulate.

Hey Greg, Hail State!  Advice has a C in it, not an S.  I wrote this article for people just like you so enjoy.

Sean Williams –  Sorest loser I’ve ever heard. It Sounds like a 10 year old with nice grammar.

Hey Sean, thanks for the compliment on the grammar.

Anon Ymous • 5 hours ago

What a load of immature sore loserness. I’m not a fan of MSU or OleMiss BUT a little Google search on Mississippi state fans led me to this website and I gotta say, are you serious? Have some decency and class. Please. Coke and Pepsi, democrats and republicans congratulate each other all the time. Enemies have respect for each other. Only lunatics want to completely destroy things. Competition is a healthy part of this capitalist society and does not mean you have to harbor a hatred for your competitor. You are the typical MS state fan: you make everything one side or the other, black or white, this way or that way, you or me, rather than coming together in anything. You distort the truth and then preach it to your friends and family who will listen so that you may sway their opinion to be like your own. Then you go call the U.S. government a dictatorship. LOL! It’s not surprising that you don’t care about the good of this state as you clearly said in your article. Beating OleMiss>helping Mississippi prosper. That is so sad. Mississippi would be better off without you. And just so you understand, your team would act so much worse had you won. Did you see the things said before the egg bowl? A lot of young ole miss students today are from out of state and don’t even care about MSU yet to be a state fan is still to foster this unhealthy hatred of OleMiss. Grow up and learn to enjoy life without always hating something or supporting “Us vs them” mentalities. The world is too beautiful to be stuck on that. I’ve been to MS state games against OTHER teams and the “Go to hell Olemiss” shouts are still so ever present. LOL? Your culture fosters hate. Think about that for a second. You god-fearing Christian Bible Belt man has more hatred in your heart than a Muslim on Christmas! “Your people” threatening to bomb the grove and whatnot on game day in an anonymous letter to OleMiss… Lol. Then coming on here whining about losing. About unfair calls. Dan Mullen even whined on national television. The whole country saw it. Get over it. And you SHOULD want a better image of Mississippi through football! What else do you have? Your attitude only says, “I don’t care about the good of my state, I don’t care about the game or the entertainment it brings, I just care about beating ole miss and that is the God that I choose to worship.” Why not let people think what they want to think on their own and stop trying to heard the sheep with an article like this. YOU are telling people what to do. What gives YOU that right? YOU are the socialist tyrant that you point at others for being!! YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!

Hey Anon – wow man you should really learn to break up your comments in paragraphs.  It’s really hard to read when you just keep going on and on without a break.  Try three to four sentences then double space.

See what I just did?

Not sure how I just got tied in with ISIS and nobody ever threatened to set off a bomb in the Grove.  You really should take up a class on reading comprehension.

Finally, I am by far a socialist tyrant.  Don’t  you think that’s a stretch?  I am a proud member of the libertarian party and you can look me up #7468512 and what gives me the right?  Well this is my column.  Get your own column and you can be a hypocrite just like me.

 Abby • 4 hours ago

This article is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen. You are a pitiful sore loser, and you are an embarrassment to Mississippi State. Were you raised in a barn?? You can be nice to your Ole Miss friends, neighbors, and coworkers just as I have been nice to my State friends. Congratulating a team doesn’t make you weak, but acting like a child does. Trash talk is one thing, but this is downright hateful. Good luck in life with this rotten attitude and hopefully one day you can realize that at the end of the day, it is just a game. As an Ole Miss student, I would never wish failure on my State friends, and as ecstatic as I am about the Golden Egg being back in Oxford, it should not warrant this kind of anger. Get a grip.

Hey Abby hope you’re doing well.  Abby please go re-read this article.  I did in fact state in the beginning it’s just a game.  Now Abby, saying I’m hateful hurts my feelings.  Actually Abby it doesn’t.  I am hardly a hateful person, BUT I still won’t tell you congrats on your win.  Thanks for stopping by.

William B. Hooper • 2 hours ago

Wow, see as an ole miss fan I WAS sad that state wouldn’t get a chance at the title, but not now. You are the whiniest bunch of no class loser fans I have ever seen. The competition was good, it made both teams better, but instead of saying, “Ole Miss played better than we did”, you just get pissed throw the ball in the bushes, and run home crying to mom. Both teams played their hearts out and sadly someone had to lose. However if Ole Miss had lost, State WOULD have blasted them for even thinking they were in the same class, and Ole Miss WOULD have said, “great game, you wanted it more”. How do I know that? Because that is what we always say. We teach our students and fans good sportsmanship and remind them to act with class. Which is why we dress nicely at the grove, as well at the game, and extend hospitality to all not just people wearing the red and blue. And the one thing we always remember is that though we aren’t “better” than any other school’s fan base, we WILL act better. Why you ask? Because WE ARE OLE MISS!


Dear Bill,

I have actually never thrown a ball in a bush nor cried to my mum.  Do you throw whiskey bottles on the field in Oxford as you talk about how classy you are?


Mallory • a day ago

Thank you for confirming everything I know to be true about Mississippi State fans. Absolutely NO class.

Hey Mallory, are you married to William Hooper?  You guys sound the same and you know when you are with someone for a long time you become them!!!!  NOM NOM NOM – do you consider the whiskey bottles thrown from the student section or what you drink cough syrup out of in the Grove class or glass?  Just asking….. just asking.

Tis I • 18 hours ago

Jake, dude, pull the tampon out. We know you woukd trade in everywin for an egg bowl victory. Every podcast i listen to, you take a big ole sheyat on anything ole miss. If we are playing northcentral polytech, you are talking about how we will stumble and lose the game. You don’t say stupid junk about any other team. Only ole miss. So save me from the bs about how you want state to be the very best. You just want state to be better than ole miss. This is why you ran around every week with your dak vs bo comparisons each week. Highlighting everytime dak peed and hit the bottom of the toilet and did it better than bo ever could.

State has overachieved every year and i give them credit for that. Heck, i figured you guys would be playing for bowl elegibility come this weekend. Funny how playing the game works huh.

But at the end of the day, here is the deal. Your brand of homerism is destructive. You treat people with such disdain that it alienates the majority and only attracts the destructive like minded minority. At some point, you and your ilk will flame out and will be left blaming everyone but yourself.

So chill the f out dude, if you truly want to become a better program, stop making one game the center of your universe. It pissed you humpers off so bad when we would say lsu was our rival because you wanted the times you did beat us actually mean something. Well, the last 20 years you have done a good job of keeping it a competive series but again, stop acting like you want nationwide respect when the only game you care about is against us

Hey Tis I – what up doe.

First things first, please download Microsoft Office and learn to use spell check.  Your comments will read much better.  Secondly I am a guy, believe it or not so I do not have a monthly cycle.

Finally, thanks for listening to my radio show.  I think you will be fine if and when you ever schedule North – Central Polly Tech.  Just don’t participate in the spelling bee.

Casey Skelton  – Wow… In reality these people are our friends, neighbors, co-workers and even family. I find this a touch crazy… This guy might be the next Harvey Updike! 

Hey Casey, just to let you know, I admire trees and green space.  I really do.

Sarah Walker Benz  – What a complete hypocrite! NO FANS are more obnoxious than Ms State fans and the SECOND you lose the excuses start! You got too big for your britches and now you get to experience what a total smack down feels like. Karma can be a real bitch…

Sarah do you have trouble with reading comprehension?  This wasn’t an excuse column, this was about me not congratulating you column.  BTW I’m still not congratulating you.