Mississippi State Football Game Forecast: #1 Underdog Edition


Who at the start of the season would have thought that this day would come? #1 Mississippi State facing off against #5 Alabama in Bryant-Denny Stadium. This game is a de facto SEC West Championship. For Mississippi State, if they defeat Alabama they would only need to defeat either Vanderbilt or Ole Miss. So I would like to refer you to this gif for that situation. I’m down for having both of those happen, I believe Mississippi State fans would like that too as that would give Mississippi State a 12-0 record for the regular season, something that Mississippi State has never done before. But first, Mississippi State has to fight past a very talented Alabama team in Tuscaloosa. Mississippi State is fighting for its first 10-win regular season in school history. I think we all want that to happen, don’t we?

Now, with ESPN’s College Gameday coming to Tuscaloosa, that means not only will the eyes of the SEC be on this Bulldog team, but the whole nation will be watching this game. 3 hours of media coverage bright and early in the morning. Then, CBS will pick up coverage at 2:30 PM CST for a 4-hour long game. I blame Verne and Gary for the 4-hour game. Hopefully, it will be 4 hours of joy for Mississippi State fans as we watch our team reach 10 wins for the first time in the regular season. Not only that, but if we beat Alabama, then we can watch our Bulldogs clinch the SEC West at home versus Vanderbilt on Senior Night. How awesome will it be for us to play the Egg Bowl and only have to worry about beating some Rebel Black Landshark Bear butt? Everyone agrees that this is a great option.

Now as far as Tuscaloosa weather is concerned, this is where I step in and provide y’all with the numbers and statistics for your best watching experience. Now while most fans will be inside their homes watching with other fellow Bulldogs (CLANGA CLANGA CLANGA), others will actually be at Bryant-Denny to watch it all unfold in person. #1: I’m jealous of you, #2: You might want to listen up to what I have to say in the next couple of lines. First off, it’s going to be cold. Now how cold will it be? Not nearly as cold as it is today or Friday, in fact, Saturday will be the warmest day for a while. What may be a saving grace is the fact that winds will be shifting more Southerly as the day goes on, bringing in some slightly warmer and humid air from the Gulf. Lately, there has been thoughts of rain in the forecast for Saturday’s game. Honestly, I see it holding off until well after the game is completed. Mississippi State fans should be all the way home by the time the rain comes.

Numbers you need to know

Gameday is LIVE from Tuscaloosa, AL (8:00 AM CST): 36 °F, mostly clear, winds from the NE around 5 mph

Coach Corso puts on Bully’s head (11:00 AM CST): 46 °F, mostly clear, winds from the E around 5 mph

Dawg Walk (12:30 PM CST): 48 °F, mostly clear, winds from the ESE around 5 mph

Kickoff on CBS with Uncle Verne and Aunt Gary (2:30 PM CST): 51 °F, mostly clear, winds from the SE around 5 mph

Halftime and Coach Saban gives Kiffin the boot (4:30 PM CST): 48 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the SSE around 5 mph

Wrapping Bryant-Denny Stadium in Maroon and White with win #10 (6:30 PM CST): 44 °F, partly cloudy, winds from the S below 5 mph

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