Shepard Smith Says the Worst Ole Miss Thing Ever on Live TV

Shepard Smith, self-proclaimed Ole Miss fan and Fox News anchor, might have just said the most Ole Miss thing ever when having a conversation about the Egg Bowl with co-anchor Chris Wallace. Just watch it, I promise you that you will not be happy about what he said, and I’m sure he will have a lot of backlash over his comments. This occurred on Smith’s “Studio B” show on the Fox News Network near the end of the show.

This all was sparked by Chris Wallace talking to Shepard Smith about the Laquon Treadwell injury. This injury was quite gruesome and you can search that injury for yourself if you would like. Smith goes on about how it was a heartbreaking loss to Auburn but that the team will get its act back together and win out the rest of the season, beating Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl to top it off. Chris Wilson replies back saying that Ole Miss will not be able to handle Dak Prescott and Mississippi State. This got a reply from Smith of “they’ll probably string you up for that” when talking about people in the Grove. Now I’m no expert, but I have a feeling you can’t be saying that on national television. Ole Miss fans should be absolutely outraged that he claims to be a fan of Ole Miss, yet continues a stereotype of hangings.

Maybe it’s just poor word placement, but this is definitely something that Ole Miss fans will not, and should not like. I’m putting the video below for you to view for yourself.