The Real Reason Why MSU Changes Uniforms so Often


Sep 13, 2014; Mobile, AL, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs tight end Malcolm Johnson (6) is congratulated by offensive lineman Dillon Day (63) and wide receiver Jameon Lewis (4) following a touchdown catch against the South Alabama Jaguars in the first quarter at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing causes excitement, anger or indifference than uniform changes. You could ask 10 different people their opinion on a uniform change and and you’d get 10 different responses. Mississippi State’s latest uniform announcement, for the Egg Bowl, was no different than any other roll out of a new uniform. So why does MSU change so often?

It’s pretty simple really: because Dan Mullen allows it.

Because John Cohen allows it. Because any MSU coach of any sport allows it.

Remember when those [in my opinion] hideous 80s Astros-like maroon-ish baseball uniforms were released in 2013? It was before the College World Series started. Coach Cohen decided he didn’t want the team to wear them in Omaha and we didn’t. They weren’t worn on the field until the 2014 season.

If Dan Mullen wanted to stop all the uniform changes he would do just that. But he apparently likes it.

Why? Players, of course. They like it. Recruits like it. At the end of the day it’s really no skin off Mullen’s back to change up the uniforms – what does it matter to him? If the players like it, if they feel good wearing them and get excited about it, then it’s good for him.

Adidas is not forcing State to wear a handful of different uniforms during the season. They aren’t making demands of the athletic department for the Bulldogs to be their guinea pigs.

People will always be divided. Whenever we post on the site about new uniforms it’s always the same:

  1. 1/3 say ‘who cares why are you wasting our time, winning is all that matters’
  2. 1/3 say ‘I love them!’
  3. 1/3 say ‘I hate these, why don’t we wear the same uniforms every week’.

I honestly don’t care about these uniforms. I understand why some fans do care; and I don’t understand why the players get excited about them. But whatever. This is like in marriage when you pick your battles. I don’t really care what color my wife wants to paint the bedroom (even if I think it looks stupid) – I don’t care about the curtains or the decorations….but when it comes to my recliner, it’s not moving! Uniforms aren’t a battle I care to fight – if Coach Mullen wants to have a new one each game, go for it.