Injury Report

Aug 30, 2014; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Dak Prescott (15) gets sacked by Southern Miss Golden Eagles defensive lineman Ja

Injuries are a part of football. Dan Mullen doesn’t talk about injuries…..unless he talks about injuries.

What we do know

  • Cedric Jiles is out for an unspecified, “significant” amount of time with a hamstring injury
  • Damien Robinson and Shelby Christy are out for the year with ACL tears


There is a hot-blooded rumor that is boiling over right now. One that says Dak Prescott is injured, possibly some type of ankle sprain or ligament damage. I haven’t seen an injury rumor this hot since I don’t know when. From what I can tell it stems from someone seeing him on campus walking around in a boot. Now I’ve got some Justin’s on right now, and I’m sure Dak has a pair, but it sounds like this may have been a medical boot.

It would probably be nice if Coach Mullen squashed this rumor but he never does that, so there’s no need to take his silence as confirmation. I have not heard one way or another from anyone close to the situation. That leads me to believe it is not true. Or, if it is true that Dak won’t play against UAB, it’s not serious enough to keep him out any further than Week 2 and he will be held out as precaution.

Other injury rumors have included Malcolm Johnson and Bear Wilson. Who knows what is true. I don’t think I’ve seen this many whirlwind injury rumors in one week, ever. But it probably has something to do with all the expectation and then the full-on blow out of Southern Miss. So people will freak out when it looks like a great season is in jeopardy.

We’ll see what happens come Saturday.

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