Top 10 Moments in Scott Field History; #9: MSU Destroys Florida in 1992


In 1986, Scott Field was expanded with the addition of an upper deck on the West side. Seating capacity went from 32,000 to 40,656. We’ve already done our list of top 10 moments in the “Davis Wade” era, so this top 10 list will consist of games played at Scott Field from 1986-2000.

Coming into Week 4 of the 1992 season Jackie Sherrill had already beaten LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss, been to a bowl game and castrated a bull. MSU was ranked #24 but that didn’t stop a Florida columnist from saying some terrible things about Starkville just prior to their Thursday night game at Scott Field. The Bulldogs stomped the defending SEC champion #13 Gators 30-6.