Bulldogs in the NFL Draft


Nov 23, 2013; Little Rock, AR, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs quarterback Tyler Russell (17) throws the ball against the Mississippi State Bulldogs during the second half at War Memorial Stadium. Mississippi State Bulldogs beat Arkansas Razorbacks 24 – 17. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft starts tonight with the first round of selections. Then rounds 2 & 3 on Friday night followed by 4-7 on Saturday. MSU only had 11 seniors on the 2013 team so there aren’t as many candidates as years past, but we’ll look at which former Dawgs are ready for their shot at professional football…

1. Gabe Jackson – All-SEC, Conerly Trophy Award winner, you name it. He has been projected to be as high as a first round pick but he may not hear his name called until Friday. The odds are he will be a top 50 pick, however. If Jackson is drafted within the first two rounds, he will be the 5th Bulldog to be selected in the first two rounds over the last four years.

2. LaDarius Perkins – he leaves MSU 2nd all-time in all purpose yards and should hear his name called at some point in the draft, most likely on Saturday. His tremendous speed makes him an asset to many teams, and as we’ve seen with guys like Jaquez Rodgers and Darren Sproles, 5′-7″ or 5′-8″ running backs do have a place in the NFL.

3. Deontae Skinner – it’s possible Skinner could get drafted in the late rounds, but if he doesn’t he certainly get picked up as a free agent. I would absolutely expect to see him make a roster in the fall.

4. Denico Autry – another guy who may or may not get drafted – I’d lean towards not but he’ll get a contract. You never know with a guy like Autry, he may turn the corner and end up being a really solid player in the NFL, or he may not make a team.

5. Nickoe Whitley – the torn ACL which he endured through the 2013 season may hamper his draft status, but he is an NFL safety no doubt. One way or another Nickoe will be playing on Sundays.

6. Tyler Russell – things didn’t go as planned during Tyler’s senior year, and the prototypical NFL QB will likely go undrafted. He should get a look from teams, however, and with his size and arm strength will most likely get some type of free agent contract.

7. Charles Siddoway – he might actually have been drafted in the late rounds but had a massive brain fart by breaking into someone’s apartment. He might as well kiss his NFL dreams goodbye and just hope he doesn’t serve too much jail time.

8. Baker Swedenburg – there will be no phone call saying he was drafted, but with his leg and solid numbers in college he should get a look or two by NFL teams.

Good luck to all of these guys, plus Tobias Smith and Dylan Holley as they embark on their non-football playing professional careers.