Remembering the 2004 Season – Road Warriors

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The Players

Timmy Bowers was the floor general we needed. A senior, he is one of the best players in the history of Mississippi State in my opinion. Bowers averaged 15 PPG, 4 RPG and 4.8 assists and lead this team – The Road Warriors. 

Winsome Frazier had been a backup on the ’03 team but he came into his own averaging 13.1 PPG and 4.1 RPG. He could famously jump so high that he could place a quarter on the top of the backboard.

Shane Power was a transfer from Iowa State who sat out the ’03 season. He proved to be the glue of the team playing stout defense and hitting clutch 3’s.

Brandon Vincent was a force at the 4. He was a senior and had the most hard-fought 7 points and 7 rebounds a game in the SEC.

Lawrence Roberts was the missing ingredient that propelled this team to greatness. He was able to skip the mandatory year of sitting out for transfers due to the Baylor murder scandal. 16.9 PPG and 10.1 RPG – one of the most consistent players to ever wear maroon. He was a 1st team All-American.

6th man Gary Irvin was a significant part of this team. He only averaged 5.4 points per game and 2.5 assists but he provided much needed rest for Frazier and especially Bowers at the point.

Big Marcus Campbell played sparingly to spell Vincent and Roberts, but as the year wore on he would only appear in a few minutes per game. Stansbury generally stuck to the top six guys in close games.