Sunday Morning QB- Bama beatdown edition


Last night was as much fun as getting drilled on by a dentist

1. The first thing we learned last night was that Bama is indeed the best team in the country. LSU cant beat that team even in Baton Rouge, and neither will anybody else. I didn’t believe the hype that this team was better than last year’s Bama team, but I’ll be damn if the Gumps weren’t correct. AJ McCarron is also the best QB that Darth Saban has had.

2. We knew going in that everything needed to go our way early to have a chance. On Bammer’s 1st drive, we had them in 3rd and 8, and Coach Wilson dialed up a blitz. Matthew Wells slips thru the middle and has a shot on McCarron. Wells misses, McCarron scrambles to the right for a 7 2/3 yard gain, and Bammer goes on down and scores. We follow it up with a drive ourself that stalls out in the red zone and ends with a blocked FG. I knew the ballgame was over right there. You can’t miss your chances in these types of games, and those were the two early chances we missed that eliminated our chance.

3. I wrote an article last week about running straight at Bama and their 3-4. You cant go sideways against them. We did it once with Nick Griffen for 10 yards- and never came back to it- why? Also, our line splits were too tight. You have to have wider line splits vs a 3-4. You can’t let those big, NFL bodies that they have on DL play close together- you can’t.

4. We have a 98 yard drive to start the 2nd half that was called and executed really well- until the last 2 (*&^%$#@!@$ playsssssss!!!!! Why in the mutha-rippin world do you line up in the I-formation with Perkins back there? We have Josh Robinson, Nick Griffen, and Dak Prescott- all weighing 30 more pounds than Perkins with a running head start to get into the end zone. Allow me to also mention that Dak had been money all season in the red zone- why do you not use him there like you have the whole damn season????? And if that wasn’t stupid enough, let’s compound stupidity by throwing a pass when we are inside the 1 yard line. We had 2 shots to get a foot and a half and we throw a damn pass. LSU 2009 all over again. It’s called being too damn cute. I can’t think of a situation that Prescott shouldn’t be in the game anytime we have the ball inside the 5 yard line. Not one. Bad coaching right there.

5. Dak looked good again in relief. I’m still wondering why he wasn’t on the field more. Tyler didn’t play badly, in spite of the pressure he had in his face, It just makes no sense to me how we waste opportunities in games to use Prescott a little more.

6. One thing that hampers our offense against really good defenses is our inability to stretch the defense. Joe Morrow not being ready for SEC football this year is a killer. Bama was really jumping the routes last night, especially when they brought pressure. And we dont have “that guy” that can take off down the field to run under a deep ball. What we are doing offensively in the passing game is fine and we do a good job with it- it just hurts that we can’t stretch the field vertically. Expect LSU to give us some of the same problems that Bammer did.

7. Dwayne Cherrington must have naked pictures of Coach Wilson with a midget. That is the only reason I can think of for the amount of playing time that he receives. He gets single blocked all the damn time. He has the quickness of a glacier. We are 3 full months into the season, and there is no excuse for one of our younger DT’s with more talent to not be getting those snaps.

8. We lined on D in a 3 man front a good bit. Their Center, Barrett Jones, was single blocking our NG every time. You can’t run a 3-man front if your Nose is getting blocked by the Center. You will get raped. Yet, we kept doing it for some reason. Aye yi yi…..

9. I knew they would go after Banks. They set the play up perfectly too- that was a hard route to cover. And it made him look bad. But that wasn’t enough. We also had to help them in red zone by being confused on coverage- and Banks got burned aGAIN.

10. We simply tried to do too much on defense to mask some of our weaknesses. And by doing that, we got out of our comfort zone. We were confused on defense more than a few times, and a confused defense is a shitty defense. That’s just the truth. Defensive players need to know their assignments inside and out. Defense is 80% reaction and 20% thought. If you have guys thinking more than reacting, you got problems. Let’s get back to doing what we do best. Get back in our 4 man front and work the blitz packages out of it. Scrap the 3 man front crap except for long passing situations.

11. Get your head’s up State fans. We’re not good enough to play with Alabama when they take the game seriously.  Guess what- neither are the other 118 teams in D-1 football. The fact that Bama got up to play us is progress in itself. They had been sleepwalking since the Michigan game. I’m sure you are already hearing from your Bear friends about their big win over a another SEC team with a losing record. Mullen is 3-0 vs SEC West teams with a losing record in 4 seasons. Freeze is already 2-0 vs losing record SEC West teams. Freeze is getting an easier road to recovery. So be it- they will get theirs after Thanksgiving. We simply have to rebound this week. Saturday brings another opportunity.

12. Let last night go. This coming Saturday is another big game and will help decide our bowl destination. We still have a chance at another special season, so no time to be moping around. The season isn’t over:

In Mullen We Trust,