SEC Résumé Rankings – Week 5


Here are last week’s rankings.

1. Alabama – This week vs. Ole Miss was the first time they looked just a little bit vulnerable….even if it was ever so slightly. But overall, they’ve been the most dominating, most consistent team in the league.

2. Florida – The Gators had a week off but they still land 2nd with their three SEC wins. Next up they host LSU.

3. Georgia – They were poised to jump up to #2 with a big victory over the Vols but they let them back in the game with several turnovers and sloppy play. Possible concern: Tennessee, who couldn’t run the ball before, ran for 197 yards against their stellar D. Their 3 conference wins are over teams with a combined 0-6 SEC record.

4. South Carolina – In what was a shocking first half, they trailed Kentucky 17-7 and it could have been worse. But the Gamecocks overpowered in the 2nd half and proved they were indeed a solid team. They’ve won 11 in a row vs. the East. Same as UGA: 3 conference wins vs. teams with a combined 0-6 record.

5. LSU – In the first three weeks the Tigers won running away, but the last two weeks it has been a struggle. The offense looked pathetic vs. Towson. There really isn’t much on this résumé – maybe their best win was 41-3 over Washington who beat #8 Stanford this week.

5. Mississippi State – I’m putting State up there with LSU because they’ve really done about the same résumé-wise. At least MSU didn’t struggle with their FCS team (Jackson State), and they both have beaten Auburn for their only SEC win, albeit State’s was much more decisive.

7. Texas A&M – This looks like a good team right here. I have to wonder if they would have beaten Florida had they not had their first game postponed. Their freshman QB looks really good, and they’ve got some playmakers as well. They are the only SEC team with a win and a loss. Next up: at Mississippi.

8. Missouri – They nearly lost to Central Florida – but they were actually the underdog in that game. They’ve been able to feast off non-conference so far, but their win over Arizona State gives them the nod over a few others for this spot.

9. Tennessee – UT has a decent team, but will they be able to win? Yet again they seem like a team who feeds off mediocre teams and can’t beat the better ones. Still no SEC wins, they’ve got a bye week before coming to Starkville.

10. Auburn – No game this week but they’ve got Arkansas at home next. At 1-3 it seems pretty awful they could be at 10 out of 14 teams in the best conference in America.

10. Mississippi – Hugh Freeze has done really well with this team, you have to hand it to him. They really haven’t won anything significant despite being 3-2, they’ll have a chance next week when the Aggies come to Oxford.

12. Vanderbilt – They get the nod above the bottom two because their losses are quite as embarrassing. Huge game this week at Missouri.

13. Kentucky – The Wildcats showed some life this week but ultimately don’t have the players to compete with the better teams. We’ll see if Mississippi State is one of the better teams when they come to Lexington next week.

14. Arkansas – Everything is awful for UPig, everything. How do you lose 58-10. They’ve been outscored by 100 points in only TWO SEC games this year. Pathetic.

SEC Standings


Alabama, 2-0
LSU, 1-0
Mississippi State, 1-0
Texas A&M, 1-1
Mississippi, 0-1
Arkansas, 0-2
Auburn, 0-2


Florida, 3-0
Georgia, 3-0
South Carolina, 3-0
Kentucky, 0-2
Missouri, 0-2
Tennessee, 0-2
Vanderbilt, 0-2