SEC Résumé Rankings – Week 3


Here’s another review of the SEC as we currently stand based on each team’s résumé only. Here are last week’s rankings.

1. Alabama – They have demolished two teams that were in the preseason top 10. Nick Saban has built a juggernaut.

2. Florida – The Gators make the big jump this week because they have beaten two conference teams, on the road, in back-to-back weeks. They look better than most thought.

3. LSU – The Tigers cleaned another team’s clock. Next up: Auburn.

4. Georgia – The Dawgs look good, and they don’t even have several playmakers on defense back from suspension yet.

5. South Carolina – A big win over UAB – big whoop, but they did win big. Missouri comes to Columbia (South Carolina) this week.

6. Mississippi State – 3-0 with a SEC win. But the poor performance against Troy leaves some doubts about where this team really is.

7. Missouri – They were able to fend off Arizona State without their starting quarterback, 24-20. This looks like a pretty good team.

8. Tennessee – Losing at home by 17 was bad. The Vols are probably not back. The way Florida was able to explode offensively vs. their D and their biggest asset,  the WRs, dropping balls are big areas of concern.

9. Texas A&M – The Aggies stomped SMU on the road for Sumlin’s first win. Their freshman QB looks good. It looks like it could be a battle of maroon teams for 3rd in the West.

10. Auburn – Narrowly escaping ULM was not what Tiger fans had in mind this or any year. Wins are going to be hard to come by in 2012.

10. Ole Miss – The Rebs got stomped, but at least it was by a ranked team.

12. Vandy – The ‘Dores got on the board vs. Presbyterian.

13. Arkansas – Bad. Just bad. Tyler Wilson or not, what is going on?

13. Kentucky – 2-10 here we come!

SEC Standings


1. Alabama, 1-0
1. Mississippi State, 1-0
3. LSU, 0-0
3. Mississippi, 0-0
5. Arkansas, 0-1
6. Auburn, 0-1
7. Texas A&M, 0-1


1. Florida, 2-0
2. Georgia, 1-0
2. South Carolina, 1-0
4. Kentucky, 0-0
5. Missouri, 0-1
6. Tennessee, 0-1
7. Vanderbilt, 0-1

After three weeks, the SEC looks to be clearly divided into 3 tiers. The first tier is obviously LSU and Bama. They could be locked into another mega-game in November.

The 2nd tier would include UGA, USC, Mizzou, UF, MSU, A&M and Tennessee. I don’t think any of those teams have really proven much. Georgia or South Carolina has the potential to move up into the 1st tier – Georgia especially. Tennessee, A&M and Mizzou may fall back to for a 3rd tier separate from the current group…

The 3rd tier would include Auburn, Ole Miss, Vandy, Arkansas and Kentucky. This should be a 4th tier that only includes UK and UM, but it doesn’t. Arkansas and Auburn look lost. Vandy hasn’t necessarily been bad, they just haven’t played to the level we were expecting – in the Northwestern game for sure.

More things will become known this weekend when Mizzou visits USC – a big game for both, but especially the Gamecocks. That’s pretty much the only game of high interest in the SEC this week since Auburn looks like a joke, and should get creamed by LSU. Vandy might make things interesting in Athens, we’ll see.