Top 10 'Oh, So Close' Games in the Last 20 Years; #3: 2000 vs. LSU

Oh, what could’ve been in the 2000 season. I already reviewed another close call / heart-breaker in the 2000 South Carolina game. After losing that game, however, State beat #3 Florida and #15 Auburn at home before traveling to Baton Rouge for this game.

This is how the game started…

BAM! Great start. LSU was able to score the next 14 points, but Wayne Madkin and crew took over the next two quarters outscoring the Tigers 24-3. Things looked good in Death Valley.

That’s when LSU came storming back with three unanswered touchdowns to take a 38-31 lead with five minutes to play. The Dawgs were able to tie the game at 38 with less than two minutes left on a 3-yard TD pass from Madkin to Justin Griffith. The game went into overtime.

In OT, LaBrandon Toefield scored an 11 yard touchdown but it appeared as though he fumbled before crossing the line. It didn’t matter though because it made the score 45-38 LSU and MSU was unable to score on their possession…game over.

Entering the game, MSU’s defense was only giving up 24 yards per game on the ground, but LSU ripped off 220. After the game, State dropped from #13 to #20 but would rebound again for 3 straight victories. In another disappointing game, the Bulldogs lost a 10-point halftime lead to Arkansas and lost 17-10. The season ended with an 8-4 record with the ‘Snow Bowl’ victory.

Mississippi State still hasn’t beaten LSU again to this day.

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