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Why You Shouldn't Cheer for Ole Miss in the College World Series

I can’t believe I’m having to make a post like this. Sometimes my own friends and colleagues surprise me, but this blows every other fish out of the water as far as surprise is concerned. I have seen, on multiple social media platforms, Mississippi State fans saying that they will openly cheer for the Ole Miss Rebels during their run in the College World Series in Omaha, NE. That fact blows my mind to the point of me just staring at my computer screen with a face of disbelief. I’ve had to read a few tweets a few times just to make sure I read it correctly. That’s the reason for me writing this post to remind you MSU fans of WHY State fans should never cheer for Ole Miss in this College World Series.

Let’s flashback a year, shall we? Mississippi State just got done winning the Virginia Super Regional and are on their way to Omaha. Ole Miss, however, is stuck at home and the acronym of OMAHA went on to live one more year. Twitter exploded with ecstatic MSU fans and reeling Ole Miss fans. Not once did I ever see an Ole Miss fan say that they would support MSU in any shape, way, form, or fashion during the College World Series. Now I’m sure there were some hidden within the realms of social media, but I did not see any. Now why do you think they were that way? I’ll tell you why. We are their RIVAL. Rivals do not cheer or support each other when one has the ability to get on the national stage in a positive fashion.

Now back to this year, Mississippi State is left at home while Ole Miss advances to the College World Series for the first time since the 1970′s. Ole Miss fans celebrate on social media and rightly so. Mississippi State fans, however, also sent out messages on social media saying that they would support the Rebels in their trip to Omaha. Does everyone now see the problem with this situation? Nothing changed in one year except that MSU is not going to Omaha and Ole Miss is. But some Mississippi State fans decided to say “To Hell with the rivalry,” and start supporting their rival school on a national stage. This is wrong in every sense of the word. Rivals do not support each other on the national stage.

I hope I’ve made my point clear and maybe have shed light on those of you who have decided to support the enemy during this time. I say that even if you’re cheering them on for “Conference pride” that you should just cheer for Vanderbilt. Ole Miss is the enemy. Always has been, always will be.

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  • Bfp711

    I will never cheer for them. However there were plent of them that actually cheered for us last year. I agree with you, but not every fan s a die-hard like you and I.

  • swm

    Grow up! Rivals cheer against each other while they are playing each others but adults and true conference loyalist always cheer on another school from their state/conference.
    I am an Ole Miss grad and, in the past, had always cheered for State to win every game they played that wasn’t against us. Recently though the growing number of childish State fans with piss poor attitudes, such as yours, have changed that.

    • Andrew Norwood

      I realize that my position is not popular, but I was simply expressing my opinion on the matter. You’re free to do as you wish. I’m glad you support MSU in the manner that you do. I, however, will not. To each their own.

      • AthensMarine

        You won’t because you are childish….plain and simple. Childish people do not posses the ability to take the high road.

        • The Croom Diaries

          Just like you took the high road by making a comment that he is childish. Well done.

        • Andrew Norwood

          So not cheering for a rival school is childish? Got it. Also, are you implying that my parents didn’t raise me in a responsible way? Because if so, I believe you just insulted my parents and I don’t take to kindly to insults directed towards my parents.

          • DrumminD21311

            That was a childish comment. You just proved his point.

          • bbbrs

            Yes, Andrew, he meant to insult your parents. He just forgot to say that in his comment. Thankfully you possess second-to-none investigative skills, and were able to figure that out.

          • Jason

            His post says nothing about your parents but everything about your character as an adult. It’s called sportsmanship, man.

  • Karen

    With everything that is happening in this world today that is what you are writing about! Revenge? How about we cheer cancer out of every ones lives! Or maybe child abuse! Or rape! Or violence in general.

    • Andrew Norwood

      I’m sorry you feel this way about the article, Karen. This, however, is a sports page. I am all for doing whatever we can do to get rid of cancer, child abuse, rape, and violence in our society and culture. Once again, I apologize that you are saddened/angered by this article. But I remind you, this is a sports page and that’s what I’m writing about.

      • The Croom Diaries

        I see the casuals have caught wind of the article. You must have struck a nerve.

  • BAR1217

    How childish could you be?! I am an Ole Miss fan who DID support State last year! I support anything that positively effects my home state. This entire “article”, and I use that term very loosely, is nothing but a case of someone just having to play the role of a victim.

    • Andrew Norwood

      I’m glad you did support State last year. Thank you for reading my article. Come back and visit again!

      • The Croom Diaries

        Or don’t come back. Whatever.

        • Tom Hinton

          She’s hot. It figures you wouldn’t want her back TCD.

          • Derrick

            You must be looking at a different pic because the chick I see is not hot.

  • Cody

    Do you know how long it took before last year for a mississippi team to be on the national stage? I’m a die hard ole miss fan and I do not like mississippi state. But I was proud of the fact that mississippi was represented in the pinnacle of college baseball last year. I’m not saying that I was at my house yelling hail state. But it was good to see the state being represented like that. It would make me happy to see mississippi represent like Texas one day. With ole miss, southern, and state at Omaha. Like I said I’m die hard ole miss but everyone gets there turn and it’s ignorant to not be proud of anything that represents your state like this

  • Mississippi

    What a Goat.. Do they pay you to write this garbage? I can’t believe I read this, I will never get that 2 minutes of my life back.. what a waste.. Grow up

    • Andrew Norwood

      Thank you for reading my article.

  • Jim

    Bro, I’ve been a Rebel my whole life. I grew up rooting for the Rebels, I became a student at Ole Miss, then I graduated, and still I remain a fan… Oddly enough, I rarely find myself pulling against MS State other than the obvious time. In my mind, I hope we are both undefeated every year heading into the egg bowl… We all grew up in the same neighborhoods, went to the same high schools, and shared a bunch of the same friends, and heck we even work at the jobs. At the end of the day, we see what we love about our collective “State” and we appreciate it, while the rest of the country mostly mocks us over one reason or another. The hell with rooting for my fellow Mississippian to fail at anything. I hope we both make the CWS every year, we both go dancing every year, all it does it benefit both schools when we are both great at our collective sports. Go easy man, love it or hate it, we are in this thing together.

    • Scorcho11

      This guy gets it!

    • swm

      That’s exactly how I used to feel.

    • Bfp711

      You obviously do not understand recruiting one bit. If State is in Omaha and you’re sitting at home, I can promise you it can effect recruiting big time. Gavin Collins, our catcher, committed to us while we were in Omaha last year. Keep pulling for us, bro. I’m personally VERY happy old myth got sent home packing and I hope they lose every game they play for the rest of their existence.

      • Len

        That was the dumbest response to any statement or comment ever. You got a catching commitment while at Omaha…. Awesome. Ole Miss had the best catcher in the SEC this year, and one of the best in the country. Yep, you accused someone of not knowing how to recruit or understanding it. Little brother syndrome at it finest, folks.

        • Bfp711

          Reading comprehension is obviously not your best feature, ya donkey. My point was that success effects recruiting. We picked up a great recruit because of our postseason play. We wouldn’t have without that stretch of great playing. It wasn’t about who has the best recruiting. When y’all do better than us, you will probably pick up some recruits that were on the fence. So, with that being established, it’s counterproductive to your program for us to do good. Very simple…at least I thought it was. If that doesn’t clear it up for you, I’ll try and get my 5 year old son to explain it in terms you can comprehend.

  • Andrew Wise

    This post says a lot more about you than college baseball.

  • JML1184

    It seems to me like your resentment lies with your MS State friends and/or colleagues. You are directly criticizing them for being selfless and cheering MISSISSIPPI to a victory. It is really tragic that your MS State fans are posting this article on their personal media outlets. Apparently, they are not reading the article for how you truly wrote it; otherwise, I believe they would retract that “share.” I still cannot fathom how angry you are with your own personal social media statistics from last year. I feel and hope you would seek out and surround yourself with better Ole Miss Friends. If your social news feed provided no positive admiration for your School’s achievements last year, then shame on those Ole Miss friends of yours! I am an avid Ole Miss fan and Alumni, but I sure had my cowbell out for you guys! Then again, maybe your Ole Miss friends just share the same view as you do on the term “RIVAL.” On a serious note, your argument is invalid and contradictory. You start off by stating that you are not cheering for OM because of social media from last year, but then your closing argument states “Ole Miss Is the enemy. Always has been, always will be.” Do you truly even know what point you are trying to make here?

    • Andrew Norwood

      You’re incorrect. I’m not saying that I’m not cheering on Ole Miss because of what happened on social media. I, being a product of my raising around a Grandmother who hated Ole Miss until the day she died, never have cheered on a single Ole Miss athletic team. I am Bulldog to the bone and I have no interest in cheering on the Rebels for “State pride”. I was simply explaining what I think and why I think it.

      • JML1184

        You are definitely entitled to your personal views and I applaud you for expressing them Andrew. However, when you negated to include all the facts I felt compelled to give you my views. Apparently, there is no rational way to communicate with a narcissistic fan.

        • Andrew Norwood

          I’ve gotten my fair share of flak from my Ole Miss friends and have gotten an earful. I’ve also received plenty of support from BOTH sides on my article. Now, I will admit that I do not have a large collection of Ole Miss fans on any social media with the exception of those I grew up with or have gained an acquaintance with. But I still feel that I have made valid points.

  • Ellis

    Andrew…You’re an idiot. State is not the Rebel’s rival. (That would be LSU). Maybe Ole Miss is State’s rival and we don’t know that. However, you are missing the point. In the past two years… There has been two different from MS teams go to Omaha. That doesn’t happen often, or once every blue moon. I really hope you wrote this artiicle for pleasure and didn’t get paid to post it.

    • Andrew Norwood

      Sure State is not Ole Miss’s rival. Since EVERYONE rushes the field when they beat a team besides their rival. You are the reason why we State fans call you Ole Miss fans delusional. Thank you for the page view, come back again.

      • Ellis

        On which occasion? Maybe when we won the Egg Bowl back or beating you guys in a tournament game? Please be more specific. This is why we call you a State fan because you get too emotional.

        • Andrew Norwood

          When you beat us in the Egg Bowl to be specific. But if it’s not a rivalry game, then why rush the field?

          • Houston Buckley

            The reason that field got rushed was from the apparent bowl eligibility. We struggled for a while to gain 6 wins, and that rocky season was capped off by an Egg Bowl victory as well as a chance to play in a bowl. Who wouldn’t rush the field? The drought was over! haha

  • Torie

    What’s that trending phrase…. ummmm ummm oh yea… #Haters Gone Hate #HottyToddy

  • samuel

    Since you’re a state fan, you likely follow more MSU-related social media feeds than you do Ole Miss feeds, thus increasing the likelihood of exposure for pro-Ole Miss social media by MSU fans and contrarily having limited exposure to pro-MSU social media by Ole Miss fans

  • JKM

    Ole Miss and MSU are NOT rivals. Ole Miss’s rival is LSU. Ole Miss fans think of MS State more as an annoying little brother. It’s a good natured back and forth when we play y’all, but generally we want y’all to do well, for the good of the state and the SEC. Go to hell LSU.

    • chris

      GO TO HELL LSU is added to the end of the National Anthem at Vaught-Hemmingway stadium.

      • Andrew Norwood

        Really? Because I can’t hear it at ANY game I’ve attended at Ole Miss. Must not be a very large majority of you who think that LSU is your “real” rival. You can go back into your hole now, Chris.

        • chris

          Perhaps you have chronic tinitus from those ridiculous cowbells.

          • Andrew Norwood

            Is that seriously the best response you could come up with? Really? I’m sadly disappointed in you, Chris.

          • Meredith

            “Go to Hell LSU” is the most chanted cheer in the Ole Miss stadium.

          • Hydr

            You don’t even have to go to a game… is said multiple times in the grove…even when we don’t play LSU. Go REBS!

          • bbbrs

            A: Possibly the funniest comment on here, Chris. B: If you have never heard us yell “go to hell LSU” at the end of a Hotty Toddy or National Anthem, then you clearly haven’t been to an Ole Miss function. It is yelled by multiple people every single time.

    • Tyler Yates

      Any Ole Miss fan that doesn’t consider MSU as a rival is so up on their high horse they can’t think from the lack of oxygen in the upper atmosphere where their head must be…in the clouds. My Grandfather played on the Ole Miss National Championship team back in 1960 and he won’t even step foot on MSU’s campus because he thinks that highly of the rivarly. So maybe you should get back to your roots. Or maybe not that way you dont take the Egg Bowl seriously and you still pout when State wins again…you know during rivarly week.

      • bbbrs

        He won’t step foot on MSU’s campus because it sucks. Growing up, my dad used to threaten to take us there if we misbehaved. And by the way, my dad went to college at MSU.

        • Tyler Yates

          Ha! He threatened y’all with taking you to a town…how stupid. Give me a break. And I bet you were just dying do go to Oxford to walk around that square a time or two. That sounds like a kids dream day. I can hear it now, “Daddy daddy can we go to Oxford to look at old buildings and talk about history.”

    • Derrick

      The only people who consider LSU and Ole Miss a rivalry is Ole Miss.

    • Bfp711

      LSU thinks of y’all as an annoying little brother and thinks it’s funny that you believe y’all are rivals. Nice effort in Omaha.

  • Jason

    There are two types of Ole Miss fans. One group believes LSU is our rival and that state is not. They cheer for state when Ole Miss is out of the picture. The other group (which is by far the larger group in my experience) knows state is our rival and would rather put Icy Hot in our underwear every day than ever have to see the leghumpers in a positive light. When you dread seeing people you know after your team loses (whether its to them or someone else) they are your rival. When you can carry on a decent conversation with someone whose allegiance is to the other team, they are probably not your rival.

    • Andrew Norwood

      Glad one Ole Miss fan has some common sense. Please correct your fellow fans in the comments below for me.

  • chris

    Face the facts Mr. Norwood; by not supporting Ole Miss you there by don’t support the SEC or the state of Mississippi. I distinctly remember Ole Miss fans blowing up social media last year in support of State. Maybe you never saw it, but it was there.

    • Andrew Norwood

      So since I don’t support a rival school, I don’t support the state that I was born and raised in? Making sure I have that right. Also, I don’t support the SEC by not supporting Ole Miss? Pretty sure I can support the SEC without supporting Ole Miss by way of supporting Vanderbilt. I’m not supporting my rival, plain and simple.

  • Shady

    swm – Seriously and you don’t think any Ole Miss fans behave childish and have
    piss poor attitudes. I will gladly send you tweets and facebook posts
    that I rec’d when we went to Omaha – talk about childish and just
    downright poor sports. But, certainly not all of them. Sweetheart they
    are on both sides. Sorry you have been offended – don’t cheer for us
    anymore – we will be just fine.

  • hydy

    I think Mr.
    Norwood is dead on!! I am a DIEHARD Rebel fan and I could never see myself pulling for the “cow college”!! Everyone has that right. I will pull for LSU or the return of the black plague before I pull for state!! LOL

  • Tom Hinton

    It’s certainly your right to feel the way you do, but as you age and mellow out, you will find that it is much more fun to be light hearted about rivalries and not such a life or death situation where a line has been drawn in the sand. In the meantime, Hotty Toddy and hate on brother!

  • Joey

    Are you really so vain that you believe your social media ‘friends’ and followers represent the entirety of people supporting MSU last year? I’m an Ole Miss grad and grew up a Bulldogs fan. I was cheering for them last year not only in baseball but all other sports as well unless they were playing their rival (Ole Miss). It’s people like you that make me appreciate my decision to attend The University of Mississippi rather than MSU. Have fun with the flood of negative feedback you’re receiving from your idiotic article.

    • Andrew Norwood

      I’m actually receiving a bunch of positive feedback on my article that has now surpassed 20,000 views today. So thank you for your clicks, support, and comments. And no, I don’t believe that a small sample represents an entire fan base.

      • Joey

        I’m actually shocked you haven’t received more since MSU had around 22,000 students enrolled last year and not counting the hundreds of thousands of MSU graduates that have the same mindset as you. You said, “no, I don’t believe that a small sample represents an entire fan base”. Do you realize you based your entire article around this? I’d rather not have a response from you, so don’t bother. I will not waste anymore of my time with you.

        • Andrew Norwood

          But I thought we were having quite an exhilarating conversation with each other.

  • acd

    As an Ole Miss grad, I cheer for our state regardless of the school. You should do the same. I am so sick of MSU always hating on Ole Miss. I know MSU thinks Ole Miss constantly hates on State… however, we don’t.

  • amyk_712

    I don’t see why people are getting their knickers in a knot over this article. It’s a RIVALRY, and most of the time it’s completely good-natured. People can support who they want to support. I don’t see where state pride has to come into the equation. I went to MSU, ergo I don’t support Ole Miss. If Ole Miss wins, kudos to y’all. If Vanderbilt wins…well kudos to them.

  • Meredith
  • Meredith

    An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the “aggressor.”
    Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.

  • Jason Collins

    Really? No, is this a serious post or some lame attempt at trolling?

    I am a Rebel to the core and my wife rolls tide more than the laundry mat. I root for State when they play Auburn and LSU, but I am screaming Hotty Toddy come Egg Bowl time. To even suggest that intrastate rivalry should extend beyond the borders of the great state of Mississippi is not only unsportsmanlike conduct, but it is downright un-neighborly.

    I closing, we will be cheering for Ole Miss at the World Series and if Mississippi State every does anything worthwhile, we will cheer for them. :-)

    #hottytoddy all the time, but #rolltide when necessary and #hailstate occasionally.

  • Guest

    Its obvious why Miss St pulls for Ole Miss in this situation. Miss St. fans have far more class that most rebel fans.

    • Meredith

      Haha that’s cute

  • russell

    Andrew Norwood, I believe you went the wrong direction with this article. Good rivals make rivalries and “each other” better. Your article is just sour grapes. War Eagle!

  • Ron Jeremy

    Andrew, its immature fans like yourself that embarrass the other 90% of Miss State fans. Its just a game and these are just young men trying to fulfill their dreams of playing in the CWS. I am also a die hard Miss. St. fan but I on the other hand hope the rebels play good and win. Rivalries are meant to make certain games more interesting when the two teams play each other, not to mention more fun for the fans. Rivalries are not developed to generate hate like your are spewing I think your taking this a little to seriously.

  • Samuel Kilpatrick

    I went to State and am a huge fan. I rang my cowbell in Rupp arena when we won the Southeast regional in 96. Members of my family attended MSU, USM, LSU and Ole Miss. Depending on the circumstance, I root for all the teams. Sure, many Ole Miss fans are delusional touting three national championships in football. Minnesota, Syracuse, USC, the UPI/AP and the rest of the nation know they didn’t win any. You are just as delusional as said Ole Miss fans by calling me childish for rooting for TSUN while they represent the State on a national stage.

  • gavinmatthews

    This is about as ignorant as ignorant gets. I’m a die hard Volunteer fan, born and raised… but I have conference pride… there’s more to being a fan than just cheering for your team.

  • Chase Adams

    While I see your point, I just prefer to look at the bigger picture. Mississippi is being represented in the CWS two years in a row. This is good for the state that we both live in, so why should I, or anyone else for that matter just root for another SEC school who has nothing to do with us?

    I won’t go as far to call you childish, but perhaps a bit of tunnel vision is going on. At the end of the day, it’s just a game no matter how seriously you or anyone else takes it and we have to live together in this state. Why not encourage one another? So what if they didn’t support us? Why should we follow suit just because they did it? I’d rather we continue to take the high road because that’s the kind of fan base we are instead of being petty and saying, “Well you didn’t cheer for us so I won’t cheer for you!”.

    There’s nothing wrong with a rivalry. Competition is fun, but they made it and we’re just watching. You might as well support them as they put Mississippi on their backs.

  • Houston Buckley

    I understand where you are coming from with the whole grandmother hating the Rebels kind of deal. My grandmother is not a State fan by any means. However, attending the University of Mississippi and supporting not just my school but the school that we share the state with (the bulldogs) has been a very interesting ride. Of course, when it comes to the eggbowl you’ll hear me say “fail state” and other derogatory terms to bash our in state rival. However, I don’t know if you are familiar with Mississippi States Wakeboard and Waterski team, but they are some of the closest allies the Wake Rebels have. When we compete we aren’t competing against each other, and just recently we both put one of our riders on a NATIONAL podium. (State got third in women’s B and Ole Miss got 3rd in Men’s Wakeskate) Now, i’m sure nobody really cares about a bunch of water rats, but shouldn’t our love for one another reflect how we carry ourselves at all times? Yes, Starkvegas is not my favorite place, but I would gladly ring a cowbell if that means the dawgs are going to take down another team that is trying to threaten not only the pride but the power of the state of Mississippi and her athletics. You will not receive negative comments from me, because I understand, but just let it be known that once in a blue moon, you may see a Rebel ring a Cowbell.
    Hotty Toddy, and Hail State.

  • Maxx

    As I read this article and read all the comments the one thing that jumps out at me more than anything is the fact that the author has to troll his own article and defend it against every single negative comment. Next time just get on Facebook and update your status to “I need attention, please comment so we can talk”.

  • Matt Williams

    LINK BAIT. I’ll root for us to beat Ole Miss every time we play. I’ll also root for Ole Miss every time we don’t. Grow Up.

  • Carol Anne Phillips

    this is just plain pathetic.

  • Ross

    I was pulling for State last year because of SEC and Mississippi pride. This article shows your ignorance. Go back to the trailer park

  • Mark Reasons

    This article is “stoopid”. State fans have enough class to overcome some of the idiots at Ole Miss and still cheer for that other school. Good sportsmanship trumps rivalry any day….even if a few Ole Miss fans didn’t learn that and didn’t cheer for us first.

  • Kristen Allen

    Hate to bust your bubble ……………but, First of all i am not an MSU fan but…with that being said I DID however post to my social media page HOTTY TODDY bulldogs and got serval thumbs up from my friends that are State fans! Its comments like the ones above that put bad taste in peoples mouths! Rivalry is FUN!! but it doesn’t have to be HATEFUL! This is NOT WAR…….You should ALWAYS and FOREVER pull for your state ad support others NO MATTER WHAT! being in Maroon and White would never give me a reason to HATE someone or NOT congratulate then. (maybe question their intelligence! HA!-and thats a joke) Te ONLY time i ever go against state is the OBVIOUS when they are playing OLE MISS! I mean did you Cut your friends off that made the choice to go another school than you? Especially the ones that went to Ole miss??? Sounds like you are the ONLY one with a problem! Second…….. our biggest Rival is LSU! HOTTY TODDY!!!!!!!

    • Bfp711

      Kristen, I know you’re a mild ole miss fan. What most of the people that are up in arms over this article don’t get, and it is mostly casual fans that don’t get it, is recruiting. You can congratulate ole miss on the CWS appearance as a state fan all day. No big deal. But wishing them to do well is counterproductive. When either school does better than the other, it will effect recruiting. It may be one top player in-state or maybe get the attention of a great player from out of state. If we weren’t in the same conference it might not be such a big deal. Mr. Norwood’s reasoning for not cheering may not be the best, but it is the right decision. Period.

  • Shelby Hooker Rayburn

    A lot of people seem to be reading way too much into this. It’s not like he said he was wishing injury or holding personal grudges against Ole Miss or the Rebel fans. Hell, he didn’t even use the stupid nicknames they have for us, like TSUN, Bears, Webels, or whatever else they come up with. All he said is he’s not going to openly cheer for Ole Miss in the CWS. I don’t blame him one bit. Seriously, why would you expect him to? Why would you expect him to want the rebels to win a national championship? That’s just stupid.

    I don’t cheer for Mississippi State in any sport. None. Ever. I want them to lose every game they play. I couldn’t even bring myself to want them to beat ULL; which would have resulted in the Super Regional being in Oxford. It’s not personal. I have many friends that are State fans. Hell, I went to grad school there. But, I’m not going to want them to win when the Rebels aren’t. That doesn’t make you childish, it makes you a die hard fan.

  • RebelMule

    Andrew Norwood. Congratulations, this is Pulitzer worthy! So many excellent, keenly researched points. Just waiting on The Atlantic or Grantland to scoop you up. Once that happens, the first drink is on me at The Hunt Club!

  • Derrick

    Trust me, most MSU fans do not feel this way. This kid is a student, not a journalist.

  • Johnathan

    Andrew Norwood is a dumb fuck

  • tessatalks

    I kept it classy by rooting for State last year, because that’s what the Ole Miss rebels do for the rest of our conference, no matter how big the rivalry. I’m guessing the word “classy” is not in your vocabulary. You do realize you are representing Mississippi State University when you act a fool like this, right? They must be SO proud! There are many reasons (so, so many) that every student that ever attended Ole Miss didn’t go to State. Exhibit A: the kind of people who would write this hate-filled trash. Below is my FB post from 6/24/13 (hidden in the realms of social media) while I watched State play in Omaha. Hotty Toddy!
    Leigh Williams
    June 24, 2013 near Houston, TX

    Once. And, only once. Have to support The Conference, and root for my adopted home state. Are you ready???? HAIL STATE! Carry on.
    154LikeLike · · Promote · Share
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    Ridge Floyd English, please.
    June 24, 2013 at 8:32pm · Like
    Leigh Williams That school in Starkville has made it to the College World Series. I ALWAYS support my conference no matter what, but can’t remember having to do it for Mississippi State. First time for everything. Maybe my mother’s side of the family will forgive me for my Rebel Sin!
    June 24, 2013 at 8:56pm · Like

  • haneyps

    I am a devout Ole Miss fan but last year I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning at Ramstein AFB in Germany just to support MSU and give the the respect they earned and deserve. Stop being an A-Hole, grow up, stop acting like a child and be an adult for one in your life