Oct 12, 2013; Starkville, MS, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs mascot comes on to the field prior to the game against the Bowling Green Falcons at Davis Wade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Please, Rid Yourself of “Miss. State”

I don’t know about you, but when I see ‘Miss. State’ it annoys me. I’ve never liked it. Not when it was on our jerseys or in the endzone. Never.

I like how the athletic department has effectively gotten rid of it – if you’ll notice they always write out ‘Mississippi State’ or they may say MSU, but they never say or write ‘Miss. State’ anymore. Why? Because we need to distinguish ourselves from other schools, and let folks know that we are proud to be from MISSISSIPPI.

Ole Miss. Southern Miss. Why do we need to follow suit and go by Miss State? Let’s say the whole thing – it’s only seven more letters, three more syllables. It’s not that hard. I still see State fans referring to us as ‘Miss. State’, and it’s just a real pet peeve of mine.

How many times will ESPN fail to distinguish Mississippi State from Ole Miss? Probably infinity. Folks from outside the state can’t seem to get it through their head that we are two different schools. I blame Ole Miss and their confusing nick name, but let’s make it simple for them by being the school that says OUR STATE’s name in it’s full and proper fashion.

Let’s get rid of Miss. State. Bury it and move forward with being MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY.

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  • Lee Fowler

    I’ve never cared for it, either. It’s always bothered me more to hear people actually SAY it than to see it printed or written out. It hasn’t been that many years since the USPS standardized state abbreviations and “Miss.” was commonly used for Mississippi (or Missouri) prior to “MS” becoming the standard. So, while I’m generally opposed to the use of “Miss. State,” I’ll still use a scan of a vintage (1950′s) MSU decal as my facebook profile pic from time to time.

  • The Grass of DWS

    And it also gives Ole Miss their ammo for calling us Mistake. Can’t let that happen.

  • msudawgs64

    I refer to us as State and on those times when someone will ask me what the MSU stands for then they answer with Michigan State..well they get the laser eyes, burning out your soul, look then the answer from me, MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY.

    • Ghost of Hank Flick

      Yeah, I really can’t stand when people suggest MSU only stands for Michigan State.