A&M and Mizzu Asking for a Butt-Whoopin'

Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson had this to say after watching Georgia beat Buffalo 45-23.

I watched that game. I turned it off, too. … It’s like watching Big Ten football. It’s old-man football.

If we execute, nobody in this league can touch us. Period.

At SEC Media days, Missouri WR T.J. Moe had this to say about the league..

It’s not all 12 teams who are dominating everybody, it’s one or two. The rest are kind of … average.

Texas A&M has been kind of quiet. But it’s time to play SEC football this week (vs. Florida), and a billboard appears in Gainesville..

Obviously that wasn’t put there by their administration, but it’s still enough to get the Gators pumped up.

Two of the SEC’s biggest schools are going to A&M and Mizzou this week: Florida and Georgia. We’ll see what happens.